The picture perfect pairing for photographers and videographers

What is #BetterTogether?

Better Together is a first-of-its-kind, industry-leading program that invites photographers and videographers like you to plug into an easier model to help you grow.

It’s pretty common for many photographers and videographers to find themselves navigating the challenges that come with selling, editing, hiring and growing a business. At OTBx, we understand this really well. We are on a mission to become the global leader in photography and videography and invite you to join us. We believe that we can do more as a team and know that collectively we can create something remarkable.

Grow your business and get back to what you love

Focus on the photography and videography and leave the headaches to us.

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Benefits of Being #BetterTogether


Save time generating invoices, chasing payment and dealing with paperwork. 

You will be able to accept the latest payment options like Apple Pay and will get paid faster. Our invoicing system makes splitting payments, collecting in advance or on delivery simple.


Plug into a team of professional photo and video editors and get more ‘you time’ back in your life. 

You will be able to offer your clients faster turn-around and consistency with ease on every shoot that you do. Want to handle editing for certain accounts on your own? No problem. We can help with editing when you need it and let you handle it on your own when you wish.


Don’t have time for selling and promoting? Hate standing in front of a room and presenting? 

Leave it to our sales team to help. You will also become part of our national network of photographers and videographers and will tap into more national account work to keep the workflow steady.


Surround your business with an all-start team. 

Tap into a network of some of the world’s most talented creatives and learn from the best. It doesn’t stop there. We also have a team of editors, marketers, sales, operations, admin, customer service and more to help you succeed every step of the way.


Our Administration team is here to help you tackle all or some of it.

Scheduling, Quoting, Phone Calls, Emails, Invoicing, Delivery, Editing Changes, Payroll, Tax Filing. Probably not the stuff you enjoy most. Now you can do more with your time and leave the day to day administration to us.


Discover the newest trends inside the photo and video industry. 

Plug into our training program to become the very best in the industry. Learn the latest shooting and editing techniques to become more efficient and effective in your business. Ready to grow to the next level and need to hire more creatives? We will help. We know how to attract, identify and train the very best to get them up to speed quickly to help you duplicate your services to grow your business even more.


It’s like having a marketing machine behind you to support your business and growth. 

Our internal marketing team is always hard at work creating new promotional materials including graphics, promo videos, social content and more. Leverage our global portfolio and relationships with national brands. Want to use our branding to grow your business locally, not a problem. If you prefer to use your own branding, that works too.


Leverage the latest technology to help power your business. 

Automate tasks, scheduling and job management. Our proprietary software makes managing the day to day seamless for you and your clients from the point of booking, paying and managing everything in between.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have your own business established today, you will have the option to continue to operate under your brand or fully plug in to leverage the OTBx brand. We can discuss various solutions and options to fit your needs to help you grow.

If you are an established photographer or videographer with an existing book of business, the opportunity to join our Better Together program will not cost you anything. Coming together presents a win/win situation for both of us and we will both have vested interest in your success. By joining Better Together you will be required to utilize our proprietary booking, scheduling and payment system for all work performed. Don’t worry though, you will have complete control over your own schedule.

The relationships and client base that you have is important to OTBx. We would like to ensure that you are able to help continue to nurture the relationships you’ve established in your current market. However, if you are interested in moving on or relocating, we would be interested in discussing options to support you in that effort.

We don’t want you to change anything that you are doing today. If you are making good money in your model by shooting yourself, we can support you in continuing to do just that. We have a philosophy…. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” – While we can’t make any promises about what the future holds, we are confident that we have solutions to help you grow and without a ceiling gap on your earnings.

In the beginning it will make a lot of sense for you to continue with your current brand. Co-branding both your current brand and OTBx for a period of time will make sense. There are many advantages to leveraging the OTBx brand and using your own. If you have an existing client base that knows you and your brand well, we would recommend that you continue to operate under that brand. It has a lot of advantages for both parties when it comes to marketing and brand awareness in general.

Yes. We understand that photographers may be at different stages of their business build. That’s perfectly fine. Whether you have a large book of business or are just starting out, we want to hear from you.

Because we are #BetterTogether.

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